ANGEL The Original CoverGirl


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    Whether it's with The Cover Girls, or on the solo, Angel OCG puts on an absolute incredible performance!

    Latif Mercado

    La' Entertainment


    If you're a fan of Angel, The Cover Girls, or just Freestyle music in general, then you owe it to yourself, as well as your Freestyle collection, to add to it this Beautiful, 11X17 Poster of one of the most iconic voices of the genre. Oh, and did I mention... It's FREE!!! and if you bring it with you to one of Angel's shows, she'll even autograph it for you.


    The controversy surrounding this one group, for years has kept the industry on edge, wondering what would in fact be the outcome.

    While versions upon versions of Cover Girl groups attempted, sadly, to repeat the success of the originals, Angel proved with whom the value actually sat, and continued touring as a solo performer.

    Having reclaimed her much deserved place upon the stages of some of Freestyle's greatest events, Angel then reached out to her original Cover Girl sisters, Caroline, Margo, Sunshine, and Michelle to join her.

    What is she up to?

    Prior to The Cover Girl's reunion in 2011, Angel, the lead singer and voice behind those amazing Cover Girl hits, continued to tour the country as a solo artist, using the moniker, Angel OCG aka Original CoverGirl.

    Today you can catch Angel at many of the Freestyle Music events happening throughout the country, whether it's with The Cover Girls or as a Solo, Angel loves performing for her fans, and it shows with every note she sings.

    When security gets too close to the stage... This is what happens!